Caer Darrow Citizens can be found roaming Caer Darrow. They are normally invisible, and can only be seen by a player who has equipped the [Spectral Essence] item from the quest Neutral 15 [60] Kirtonos the Herald, or a priest who has equipped [The Eye of Divinity].


  • Welcome to Caer Darrow, stranger.
  • Have you tried our bread? Baker Masterson must be the most gifted chef to have ever lived!
  • Another lovely day on our beautiful island.
  • Can't you see we're trying to prepare for Uther's visit? Now get out of my way, I have much work to do!
  • We're not really rude people, stranger, it's just that everyone is in a rush, trying to make sure that everything is perfect for Uther's arrival. It's not often that the Lightbringer come to town.

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