Cache of Living Stone

The cache while closed.

Cache of Living Stone can be found in Ulduar. You must defeat Kologarn in order to access this object.

Contents Edit

Normal Mode
Inv jewelry ring 74
Inv boots chain 07
Inv jewelry necklace 18
Inv jewelry necklace 44
Inv boots plate 05
Inv misc cape 18
Inv shoulder 104
Spell nature invisibilitytotem
Inv staff 93
Inv sword 135

Heroic Mode
Inv bracer 32a
Inv bracer 26b
Inv weapon rifle 33
Inv gauntlets 10
Inv gauntlets 57
Inv relics idolofrejuvenation
Inv offhand ulduarraid d 02
Inv pants mail 21
Inv sword 133
Inv jewelry necklace 41
Inv chest cloth 64
Inv pants plate 30
Inv shoulder 51
Inv bracer 31a
Inv pet scorchedstone
Inv ingot titansteel red3030

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