Console variables < textureCacheSize

This CVar sets the amount of memory to be used for textures by your RAM.

Note: This CVar only works with gxApi = "d3d9".

Default SettingEdit

32 (MB)
Only option for players who have 1GB of RAM or less

Possible SettingsEdit

64 (MB)
Users with more than 1GB of RAM may set this CVar to 64 MB of RAM.

Changing this settingEdit

This CVar requires a game engine restart to go into effect. In-game, type the following

/console textureCacheSize setting

Do NOT Alt-F4 out of wow or this CVar will not be applied when you load WoW again.

Alternatively, you can exit wow, open the file, and add the following line:

SET textureCacheSize setting

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