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This CVar controls the view distance of the environment. Manually increasing this CVar beyond the maximum value may cause the client to crash (Error 132).

Default Setting Edit


Possible Settings Edit

This CVar accepts a range of values from 185 to 1250 via in-game video options.

  • 0 - minimum farclip distance when set manually (world is not rendered at this setting)
  • 185 - minimum farclip distance
  • 1250 - maximum farclip distance
  • 1300 - maximum farclip distance when set manually (possible higher, the cvar doesn't cap)

Changing this setting Edit

In-game, type the following

/console farclip setting

Alternatively, you can exit wow, open the file, and add the following line:

SET farclip setting

Changes Edit

  • patch 1.1.0 - Added
  • patch 3.0.2 - Max value increased from 777 to 1277
  • patch 4.0.1 - Min value decreased to 0, possible higher Max value
  • patch 7.0.3 - Legion Max Value increased from 1300 to 4000
  • patch 6.2.0 - Working in WoD Patch 6.2. While the value can be changed, the maximum cap appears to remain 1300 of noticeable difference.

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