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In order to see the Console Variable Sound_ChaosMode at all the World of Warcraft program needs to be started with the "-soundchaos" command line option. When World of Warcraft is started with this option, the following message is displayed in the console twice when starting up. The message is also displayed every time the console variable (CVar) is set.

0: Off
1: Generate 1 random 3d sound per frame
2: Generate 2 random 3d sounds per frame
3: Start and stop 1 2d and 1 3d sound every frame
4: Start and stop 2 2d and 2 3d sounds every frame
5: Play the same random sound x20 (in 2d) every second
6: Play the same random sound x20 (in 3d) every second
7: Play the same random looping sound x20 (in 3d) every second
8: Play Alert.mp3 from Data folder a lot
9: Restart game sound system (NOT INCLUDING VOICE CHAT SYSTEM) every 10 seconds
   ALERT! This mode breaks voice chat, and will cause a crash on game exit.
10: Mode 2 + Mode 9
11: Generate 1 random 2d sound per frame
12: Generate 2 random 2d sounds per frame
13: Generate 2 random 2d sounds AND 2 random 3d sounds per frame
14: Mode 10 + Mode 6

It was added to the game prior to 2.4. When the sound system is restarted while recording a video on a mac, the sound will go silent in the video.

Video of this variable being manipulated

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