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CombatMobElite 32Buster
Race Core hound (Beast)
Level 81 - 85 Elite
Health 297,496
1,162,350 (heroic)
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Beauty's Lair, Blackrock Caverns
Relative(s) Beauty (mother); Lucky, Spot, and Runty (siblings)
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Buster is one of the core hound pups of Beauty. Buster and the hound family can be found within Beauty's Lair[66.6, 84.6] of Blackrock Caverns.

Abilities Edit

Buster and all the core hounds have the following abilities:

  • Spell fire fire  [Lava Drool]ω ϖ—Burning lava drool inflicts 2750 (7000 heroic) Fire damage per second to enemies who enter the area. Lasts 20 sec.
  • Ability hunter pet corehound  [Little Big Flame Breath]ω ϖ 10 yd range—Inflicts 21250 (49900 heroic) Fire damage over 5 sec.

Loot Edit

Item Source Use
Item savageleather [Savage Leather] IconSmall Skinning [Skinning] IconSmall Leatherworking [Leatherworking]
Inv misc organ 11 [Strange Bloated Stomach] IconSmall Skinning [Skinning] To open

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