Burning Rage

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Burning Rage is a four-piece plate armor set crafted by blacksmithing from random world drop recipes. It gives strong bonuses to strength and critical strike rating (melee).


This item set is crafted by blacksmiths. The helm, shoulders, and gloves require a skill level of 365. The breastplate requires a skill level of 370. In order to make the entire set, you need:

The plans are all random world drops ([Plans: Ragesteel Breastplate] in Shadowmoon Valley, [Plans: Ragesteel Shoulders] in Shadowmoon Valley, [Plans: Ragesteel Helm] in Blade's Edge Mountains, and [Plans: Ragesteel Gloves] in Nagrand).


Burning Rage
Inv chest chain 16
Inv shoulder 16
Inv gauntlets 26
Inv helmet 22

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