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The Bulwark of Kings is the upgraded epic level breastplate that is craftable and wearable only by blacksmiths with the Armorsmithing specialty.

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This item is crafted by blacksmiths with a skill level of 375 who also have the Armorsmith specialty. The components are:

Materials Required
Inv chest plate14
1x [Breastplate of Kings]
Inv elemental primal nether
10x [Primal Nether]
Inv elemental primal mana
10x [Primal Mana]

The plans can be learned from the Armorsmith trainers:

As an ingredient in BlacksmithingEdit

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This item is Bind on Pickup and can only be worn by the Blacksmith who made it.
When right clicking this item while using it you will gain the specified buff and a temporary increase in size.

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