A buffet is an attack usable by certain mobs and bosses, usually raid-level. Either it takes form as elemental attacks, in which they often start out doing rather low damage and leaving a debuff which increases damage taken by the same element the buffet is, therefore making it dangerous to take successive hits by it.

The other kind of buffet is the Wing buffet, which is cast by drakes or other large flying creatures. This takes form of a knockback which deals physical damage, sometimes in a wide arc in front of the mob, and often a threat reduction.


  • The three drakes of Blackwing Lair, Flamegor, Ebonroc and Firemaw are known for their threat-reducing Wing buffets.
  • Onyxia uses a conal Wing Buffet periodically. This (among other things) makes tanking Onyxia so she faces a wall essential to the encounter.
  • The summoned elementals in the Darkweaver Syth encounter all use elemental buffets of their own respective element.
  • The Amani Dragonhawk Hatchlings that spawn during the Jan'alai encounter in Zul'Aman use a Flame Buffet that increases fire damage taken by 2%. With 40 hatchlings spawning over the course of the encounter, and no limit to the number of times Flame Buffet can stack, this can greatly increase the damage taken by the tank handling the hatchlings.

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