Anton Buckey and Jermaine Buckey are two dwarf NPC's in north-western Dun Morogh who are stuck in a tree as a result of an attack on their camp below by a group of black bears and their cubs.

WoWScrnShot 061211 125235

Dwarf camp raided by black bears.

Quotes Edit

Anton Buckey says:

  • "And who forgot tae grab the ale on the way up? Not me! Hahahaha!"
  • "Nae, I'm enjoying me fine some Ironforge mead. Might be the last drink we have for a while yet."
    WoWScrnShot 061211 125405

    Anton Buckey at one of the upper branches.

  • "If ye want my advice, don't go strugglin' tae much. Ye'll just encourage them."
  • "If ye climb up another notch, I'll share me brew with ye!"
Jermaine Buckey says:
WoWScrnShot 061211 125417

Jermaine Buckey, struggling to get down.

  • "I told ye not tae leave the boar ribs out! Why couldna yae had a proper stomach and eaten yer dinner like the rest o' us Buckeys?"
  • "Mebbe someone will come around and get us out of this mess!"
  • "Come any closer ya wee bear and I'll punch ya in the face!"
    WoWScrnShot 061211 125251

    A black bear is trying to get to Jermaine Buckey.

  • "Stop drinking tha last o' our ale and help me off this blasted branch!"

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