Brunnhildar Village

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Brunnhildar Village2

Brunnhildar Village

Brunnhildar Village is a village situated above Snowblind Terrace and to the east of Sifreldar Village in the southern area of the Storm Peaks. [48.2, 69.2] It is inhabited by level 79-80 frost vrykul known as the hyldnir.

Inside the building just south of the Pit of the Fang are Thyra Kvinnshal, Iva the Vengeful, and Sigdis the Trader. The Forlorn Mine is located to the north.

While in this zone, and after completing a quest, players are automatically under a buff that disguises them as a hyldnir.

Other NPCsEdit

Myth Edit

Brynhidr was one of the Valkyries in Norse Myth.

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