Broxel Goldgrasp is a level 80 goblin souvenir vendor found at the Argent Tournament Grounds in Icecrown. [73.1, 22.9]

Sells Edit

Name Req Cost
Inv shirt purple 01 [Darnassus Doublet]125Gold
Inv shirt purple 01 [Exodar Doublet]125Gold
Inv shirt yellow 01 [Gnomeregan Doublet]125Gold
Inv shirt orange 01 [Ironforge Doublet]125Gold
Inv shirt blue 01 [Stormwind Doublet]125Gold
Inv shirt grey 01 [Orgrimmar Doublet]125Gold
Inv shirt grey 01 [Sen'jin Doublet]125Gold
Inv shirt red 01 [Silvermoon Doublet]125Gold
Inv shirt grey 01 [Thunder Bluff Doublet]125Gold
Inv shirt black 01 [Undercity Doublet]125Gold


  • Show supoort for your favorite champion! Wear their colors at the next bout and let 'em know who you love!
  • Want to show your pride without flailing around on one of those beasts? Whichever city you're rooting for, I got what you need!
  • This tournament is the biggest event in ages! Buy something to bring home to your family and show your kids.
  • Hey! Check out these doublets! Now you can sport your city's colors without having a tabard flapping around and getting in the way!

Notes Edit

Most notably, Broxel has a selection of large art for sale behind him, that has nothing to do with the Argent Tournament. Also, among the items shown on Broxel's tables of trinkets are pendants, pocketwatches, snow globes, horns, mugs, books, mini figurines, bottles, a cake, some caskets, feathers, a flower wreath and a flower bouquet.

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