Brote is a captured gnome located in Venomspite. His main occupation is haranguing his fellow prisoner, Skrotee and annoucing the even hours. He was separated from his cousin Drolfy during a Wolvar attack in the Eldritch Heights. How he came to be in Forsaken custody is unknown.

His name appears in red color for alliance, even so, he is not killable.


Dialog with Duncan Fallers
Duncan Fallers says: Get out of there.
Brote says: If I get out of here, I will CRUSH every clock I come into contact with...
Announcing the hours
  • At the bell's toll it will be 2:00 AM. Coincidentally, a perfect time to kill me and end my misery.
  • At the bell's toll it will be 4:00 AM. Don't you people ever sleep?
  • At the bell's toll it will be 10:00 AM. It's looking like there's gonna be more of the green poisonous cloud of death in today's winter forecast.
  • At the bell's toll it will be 4:00 PM. That's HAPPY HOUR at Middleton's Apothecarium! Come on inside and get poisoned or gased or both for a mere 35 silver!
  • At the bell's toll it will be 6:00 PM. Please kill my brother!
  • At the bell's toll it will be 12:00 PM. Midnight to all you scary Forsaken! OOoooo...
Reacting to Skrotee's announces
  • And you know what pisses me off more than anything, Skrotee? No, not that we've been made into a living cuckoo clock for the amusement of the Forsaken. And not that we have to endure being spat upon and mocked every waking minute of our time here... What pisses me off the most is being made to wear these damned short-shorts...
  • I hope one of us dies. I hope that one is you, Skrotee.
  • Of all the hair-brained, idiotic, BRAINLESS ideas... "Yeah Brote, it'll be great... The Forsaken will rain gold coins down on our heads!"
  • This is all your fault, you know...
  • Pray Scrotee... Find religion... Because if we ever get out of here, you will be wishing you were back in here!
  • Has it really been an hour?

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