Brett "Coins" McQuid is initially encountered as a general goods vendor on the island of Kezan, just outside the KTC Headquarters[59.8, 72.6]
. When seen later on the Lost Isles he is identified as dealing in <Recovered Supplies>. The Lost Isles is the only time he also functions briefly as a quest giver. Later he is found selling general goods once again at Bilgewater Harbor[57.4, 48.6]
in Azshara.


Ruins of Vashj'elan[53.4, 81.1]
, Lost Isles


Name Lvl req Type Cost
Inv misc food 09 [Goblin Shortbread]5Food & Drink1Silver 25Copper
Achievement reputation tuskarr [Light Throwing Tusk]1Thrown15Copper
Inv axe 19 [Seashell Throwing Axe]1Thrown15Copper
Inv misc food 102 flatbread [Slightly Worm-Eaten Hardtack]1Food & Drink25Copper
Inv drink waterskin 04 [Tarp Collected Dew]1Food & Drink25Copper
Inv drink 20 [Volcanic Spring Water]5Food & Drink1Silver 25Copper


No matter what his title, Brett seems to always sell the same items.


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