The Brashtide Crew, also called the Brashwater Crew, were a large group of humans that affiliated with the Blackwater Raiders.

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At some point before the Shattering, the Brashtide pirates had recently went missing and were believed to have been killed many years ago, but it was later learned that they were in the kingdom of Gilneas just before the land was sealed away by Genn Greymane. The pirates were held as prisoners and were held under lock and key when a curse began to spread through the land and turned the entire Gilnean population into the feral worgen, in which the whole Brashtide Crew were turned as well until they were cured by Krennan Aranas. For unknown reasons when the Forsaken had invaded Gilneas during the time of the Shattering, Gilneas's borders had been opened, and the Brashtide crew managed to escape and join the Bloodsail Buccaneers. Their current goal was to assist them in the attack of Booty Bay.

In Legion Edit

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During the time when the Burning Legion had returned to the world of Azeroth and launched its third invasion, the Brashtide Worgen allied with the Uncrowned.As is assumed based on the fact that Mary Smitts is found in the rogue's class hall drinking and talking to Deathstalker Commander Belmont.This may also mean that Shawn Stookers and Long John Copper are also working with the Uncrowned or are still alive in legion.

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