Brandon Eiredeck

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NeutralNPC 32Brandon Eiredeck
Brandon Eiredeck
Gender Male
Race Human (Humanoid)
Level 70
Health 8,982
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Old Stratholme
Status Deceased
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Brandon Eiredeck is a level 70 human found in Festival Lane in Old Stratholme.


When approached you see Agitated Stratholme Citizens and Residents ganging up on him:

Agitated Strathome Citizen: I think it's your grain that's making us sick!
Brandon Eiredeck: I just delivered it!
Brandon Eiredeck: I haven't done anything!
Agitated Strathome Citizen: Give us one good reason why we shouldn't set fire to these sacks!
Brandon Eiredeck: I didn't touch it! I promise you!
Agitated Strathome Citizen: The whole city's ill!
Agitated Strathome Citizen: You brought this down on us! I'd bet gold on it!
Agitated Strathome Citizen: My family's sick!
Brandon Eiredeck: Please, I'm just a delivery man!
Agitated Strathome Citizen: It's poison! Cartloads of poison!

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