A Bouquet is a decorative botanical item held in the off-hand.

A bouquet is made up of several flowers, and some of the items listed are single flowers, but:

The word flower refers to a common and showy plant part, so flowers are often a visible part of the landscape. Many herbs are flowers as depicted by their icons, and often the resource node that is harvested is a flower object. Lasher mobs, from which parts are harvested, are plants with a flower where the head would be.

Because of this fairly egregious set of ambiguities, the name of this article is "Bouquet", referring to the function of being floral, decorative, and carried, which is far more specific than "Flower".

Flower Model Source Cost Notes
Inv misc flower 02 [Simple Wildflowers] WldFlr Florist 2Silver
Inv jewelry talisman 03 [Red Rose] 1-Rose Florist 5Silver
Inv misc flower 02 [Beautiful Wildflowers] WldFlr Florist 20Silver
Inv jewelry talisman 03 [Black Rose] 1-Rose Florist 50Silver
Inv misc flower 02 [Bouquet of White Roses] RoseBq Florist 2Gold
Inv jewelry talisman 03 [Bouquet of Black Roses] RoseBq Florist 50Gold
Inv misc flower 04 [Bouquet of Scarlet Begonias] RoseBq Quest reward for
Alliance 15An Unwelcome Guest
Inv misc herb 13 [Stratholme Lily] Lily Neutral 15 Sophie Aaren <Florist> 20Gold
Inv misc herb 19 [Darkmoon Flower] Lily Quest reward for
Neutral 155 Tickets - Darkmoon Flower
5 Inv misc ticket darkmoon 01
Inv jewelry talisman 03 [Bouquet of Ebon Roses] RoseBq Rare drop during
Love is in the Air
Shower nearby target with black petals,
(5 minute cooldown)
Inv rosebouquet01 [Bouquet of Red Roses] RoseBq Rare drop during
Love is in the Air
Shower nearby target with pink petals,
(5 minute cooldown)
Inv misc flower 04 [Suntouched Flowers] WldFlr Quest reward for
Alliance 15 [72] Leave Nothing to Chance
Horde 15 [73] All Hail Roanauk!
Equip: Increases spell power by 26
Equip: Restores 13 mana per 5 sec
Inv misc flower 04 [Penelope's Rose] 1-Rose Quest reward for
Neutral 15 [60] Kirtonos the Herald
+10 Stamina
+11 Intellect
+11 Spirit
Inv misc flower 04 [Lei of the Lifegiver] WldFlr Alliance 15 Gaelden Hammersmith
Alliance 15 Thanthaldis Snowgleam
Horde 15 Grunnda Wolfheart
Horde 15 Jekyll Flandring
4,760 Pvpcurrency-honor-both25 Alterac valley mark of honor Requires Level 60
Equip: Increases spell power by 28
Equip: Restores 3 mana per 5 sec

The model name on the chart is not official. The point of the Model column is that bouquets with the same model name use the same graphic object model, with coloring (skinning) variations, when the item is displayed on the character. There are currently four bouquet models that a character can equip.

Display Edit

Press the "z" key to toggle displaying your equipped items. (With a ranged weapon equipped, you may have three display options, in which case it will step through them.) One of the display options will show the bouquet being held in your off hand.

Non-functional bouquets Edit

These cannot be equipped by the player character.

The Inv misc flower 01 [Daffodil Bouquet] quest item is for a low-level Alliance-only quest, Delivering Daffodils. The quest text reinforces that it is conceptually a bouquet.

The Inv misc flower 04 [Jannok's Rose] quest item is for the Night elf rogue's quest, The Apple Falls, that leads the character from the Dolanaar rogue trainer to the Darnassus rogue quest giver that gives the main level ten Night elf rogue quest.

Inv misc flower 03 [Freshly Picked Flowers] pledge gifts are given out by non-guard tauren NPCs (primarily on Thunder Bluff) during the Love is in the Air seasonal event. These can be collected and used five at a time to create Inv misc flower 01 [Basket of Flowers] pledge gift collections. (These are in turn used to create [Thunder Bluff Gift Collections].) These floral items are not specifically called bouquets, and could conceptually serve some other unstated purpose.

Achievements Edit

Looting a [Bouquet of Red Roses] or [Bouquet of Ebon Roses] drop completes the achievement Inv rosebouquet01 [My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose].

Using a [Bouquet of Red Roses] to shower a nearby target with pink petals gives credit for theInv misc dust 04 [Fistful of Love] and Inv valentineperfumebottle [Flirt With Disaster] achievements. (Using a [Bouquet of Ebon Roses] does not.)