Boss Mida[37.2, 79.6] is the goblin in charge of the Goblin Slums of Orgrimmar. Three other goblins associate with her: Bruiser Janx, Engineer Niff, and Kazit, her personal assistant.

Boss Mida is a tribute character inspired by the Trade Princess Movement. In it, they nominated the entirely fan-made character Mida Silvertongue to be Trade Princess of the Bilgewater Cartel. Her title, "Her Tallness," is a reference to The Tallest from Invader Zim.


According to Engineer Niff, who is working on Mida's shredder, "She don't like movin' around the city on foot like any old chump, ESPECIALLY if she's gotta go deal with the warchief." As Niff reveals, the Shredder behind her is in fact hers.

Boss Mida stands slightly taller than the playable and NPC Goblins, a trait shared by faction leaders and other characters of note. This is probably in reference to her title.

Based on her gossip text, Boss Mida may have very well planned and built the Goblin Slums, as well as possibly assisted in the reconstruction of Orgrimmar altogether after the Cataclysm.

By way of Mind Control, it has been learned that she has the abilities mutilate, Sinister Strike, and sprint, indicating that she is a rogue, as the fan base originally wanted.


Gossip text:

Don't mind the mess, we're still settin' up.
Don't let that stop you from enjoying yourself, though! Relax, spend some coin...we've got everything from money changers and laundry services to exotic drinks and fishing trainers.
And if anyone gives you any trouble? You just let ME know, and I'll handle it.
I'm Mida...the boss.

Alternate Gossip Text:

Look around... business is BOOMIN'!
While Gallywix is wastin' time pickin' custom wallpaper for his Pompous Palace in the Azsharan boondocks, I'm makin' twice the coin movin' and shakin' for Big G.
You heard me; Counting houses, trade halls, construction and maintenance, the war-works, supply lines...
Don't even get me STARTED on transit! Orcs can fight, but they can't move goods; my boys ship it twice as fast for half the cost! Well... when it doesn't blow up along the way, hee.
Anyhow! Take a load off, huh? Enjoy yourself, spend some coin...we've got everything from money changers and laundry services to exotic drinks and fishing trainers.

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