Book of Glyph Mastery

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Inv misc book 071010
  • Book of Glyph Mastery
  • Item Level 80
    Disenchants into:
    Not disenchantable
  • Requires Inscription (425)
  • Use: Discovers a glyph recipe unique to this book.
  • Sell Price: 5Gold

Book of Glyph Mastery is a world drop rarely looted from Northrend mobs. Scribes can read the books to learn certain new Inscription recipes.


Northrend mobs have a small chance to drop this item.



  • Prior to 0500Mists-Logo-Small Patch 5.0.4, this book only taught glyphs not learnable in any other way (i.e. trainers, Techniques, Minor Inscription Research, or Northrend Inscription Research). Since the patch, the glyphs discovered through this book can also be discovered via the various inscription research abilities. Unlike the research, use of the books is not on a cooldown, so they serve as an alternate means of discovery.
  • If you've learned all glyphs that can be learned from these book and then try to use one book again, you'll simply get a message that you've already learned all glyphs and you will keep the book (i.e. it won't be used).

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Patch changes

  • 0500Mists-Logo-Small Patch 5.0.4 (28-August-2012): Glyphs discoverable through the books are now discoverable through research as well.
  • 0100WoW Icon 16x16 Hotfix (2009-04-16): "The book of glyph mastery has had its drop rate increased. [1]"
  • 0300Wrath-Logo-Small Patch 3.1.0 (14-Apr-2009): Added.


  1. ^ Blizz Bornakk 2009-04-16. Recent In-Game Fixes - 4/16/09. Retrieved on 2009-05-24.

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