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Inv fabric netherweave bolt imbued2020
  • Bolt of Imbued Netherweave
  • Item Level 66Disenchants into:
    Not disenchantable
  • Icon-3D-48x48
  • Sell Price: 80Silver

A Bolt of Imbued Netherweave is a bolt of Netherweave Cloth which has been magically enhanced with Arcane Dust by a Master Tailor.

Source Edit

This item is crafted with Tailoring (325).

Materials required:
Inv fabric netherweave bolt
3x [Bolt of Netherweave]
Inv enchant dustarcane
2x [Arcane Dust]

Learning the Pattern Edit

You can obtain a pattern allowing you to create this material from the following trainers:

Bolt of Imbued Netherweave as an Ingredient Edit

Tailoring Edit

This material is required for stitching the following items:

The following bags:

And also the following materials:

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