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Bolgaff is a rare dwarf found wandering outside the Forsaken Rear Guard in Silverpine Forest.

Backstory Edit

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Bolgaff Was a Great Hunter, His guild would raid Weekly and he was often loved. A good member, He won his prized Wolfslayer Sniper Rifle in the raid Karazhan by slaying the Big Bad wolf, And soon after he set forth once the next expansion was released and found Dalaran. He set his eyes on that Beautiful Reins of the Armored Brown Bear (somehow geting the horde Version, That is still unexplained.)

How ever at the Time It was quite expensive and so, having little gold, he had to ask for some, promising that he would owe his friends The Gold Back later. They allowed him, but kept there eye on him. As he was known To steal Gold and not give back, and at times other annoying things, even for a good hunter of theres. He'd also sometimes go 'Mad' In Raids, his lust for the fight was a little out of hand, giving him the nickname. After they raided there way to Icc, It got a tad crazy as the fights got Hard. The raiders had truble, they complained that Bolgaff needed to get a new Gun but he insisted that It was Lucky. But soon they got to the Lich king after days of work and many many wipes. They fought hard and nearly won until Bolgaff screwed up right before they could slay the Lichking and all hell broke loose. After The wipe, And after a good 4 hours of trying to down the king wasted. They all stared at the poor dwarf saying he was to much truble, and badly needed to gear up and such. He was a thorn in there side and needed to be replaced. It was time for him to move on. Out numbered and abandoned from his guild, he was booted out and so, all he could do was wander off, yelling to the world of his anger and sorrows. He soon left Northrend, It made him sick of looking at the place and wandered the Eastern Kingdoms, constantly intoxicated from Rum, and ale. He tried to get into other guilds but rumors spread of his disliking and stupid acts. He begged for gold and was shoved aside. What little coin he could get ahold of or had he used on more ale. He wen't Mad as his nick name claimed. With old rugged Leather gear, loseing the rest of his gear for coin, and such. (Even his rings and Trinkets lost.) and the only weapon kept. His trusty rifle. As well as His prized bear mount. Lost, alone, and mad. He found himself In the undead area of Silverpine Forest, And made his camp in a small area. The longer he stayed the longer He weny Mad, he hunted rotted bears for sport, with no point but to kill them. soon he killed more then bears and killed any players, even his own Faction and would attack. Going crazy and firing at any thing that moved. Even the undead in the area did't bother him, he sufferd already and it amused them so. And now poor Bolgaff now with the title <The Mad Hunter> Sits, waiting for any unfortunate pray to come near. His anger and bloodlust over the top. Its still unknown how his level decreased but it may have to Do with his intoxication and blind rage that made him so weak, or maybe that Blizzard cursed him by making him permanently lv 13. The unlucky number. As punishment. But even so, He will do any thing to fuel his anger in revenge of his team, waiting to strike blindly. Even if he would be slain he would return, his anger fueling his rage, his spirt would not rest. But he would dare not let any one loot His prized gun and mount, No mater How many times he was slain. They were far to precious to him. And so my friennds that Is my tale of Bolgaff <The Mad Hunter>.

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