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The most common method of pulling a mob is by damaging it from a range.

Body pulling instead relies on walking into its aggro radius, where the mob notices you and comes running for you (or starts firing or casting from a range if it has ranged attacks).

An advantage to body pulling is that the range at which mobs detect damage tends to be slightly larger than the range at which they will simply run along with a friendly mob to see what the fuss is about. As such, it is possible to separate some groups with body pulls where any form of damage-based pulling would pull the entire group.

One difficulty with executing such body pulls is that it takes a while for mobs to react to you being in their aggro range. If you just keep walking ahead until something happens, chances are that you have actually placed yourself in the aggro range of yet another mob (an "add") which will trigger shortly after you notice the first one coming for you.

Players attempting a tricky pull with body pulling will commonly take a few quick steps ahead and then retreat and watch for a reaction. If there was no reaction, the procedure is repeated, only slightly farther ahead than the previous time. This takes good reactions, eye-hand coordination, and perhaps most of all patience. It will be quicker once you know the aggro range of a given type of mob of a given level, which is where the experience comes in.

The below information is obsolete as of Patch 3.0.8, the new ranged taunt Hand of Reckoning is now learned by all paladins at level 16. Body pulling is also the main form of pulling available to paladins in the general case. Holy paladins will generally have Holy Shock at level 40, and protection paladins will frequently have Avenger's Shield at level 50. Somewhat rarely, a pull using Avenger's Shield is too tricky, so another way to pull is necessary. Retribution paladins have Repentance at level 40 which allows them to make a ranged pull as well. But without speccing to one of these abilities, a paladin is unable to make a ranged pull other than using one of just a few items at the paladin's disposal. But once a paladin is above level 50, it is quite reasonable to expect that they do have one of these abilities.

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