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The Bloodmaul clan[1] is one of the clans of ogres led by Dorgok that inhabit the Blade's Edge Mountains. The main group of Bloodmaul ogres live at Bloodmaul Camp at the north edge of Daggermaw Canyon to the southwest of Gruul's Lair. A smaller group of ogres live at the Bloodmaul Outpost at the southern end of Bloodmaul Ravine. The leader of this outpost is Grimnok Battleborn. These ogres are busy digging into the Draenethyst Mine looking for ore and treasure like [The Thunderspike].

Recently, a troll witch doctor named T'chali taught the ogres how to brew their own beer. They repaid him by burying him in the ground up to his head.

History Edit

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Trogma's Claim Edit

In Trogma's Claim there is a group of ogres[2] that was enslaved by the Vekh'nir arakkoa, led by Vekh.[2] Although they are named "Dullgrom", they are part of the Bloodmaul clan.[3]

Known members Edit

Neutral 15IconSmall Ogre Mage Dorgok Leader Alive Bloodmaul Camp, Blade's Edge Mountains
Neutral 15IconSmall Ogre Male Gor Grimgut Alive Draenethyst Mine, Blade's Edge Mountains
Neutral 15IconSmall Ogre Male Grimnok Battleborn Outpost leader Alive Bloodmaul Outpost, Blade's Edge Mountains
Neutral 15IconSmall Ogre Male Gurn Grubnosh Alive Bloodmaul Outpost, Blade's Edge Mountains
Neutral 15IconSmall Ogre Male Trogma Leader of Dullgrom ogres Alive Trogma's Claim, Blade's Edge Mountains

References Edit

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