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Hostile 32 Bloodfury
The Charred Vale
Charred Vale
Main leaderBloodfury Ripper
Race(s)IconSmall Harpy Harpy
Base of operationsCharred Vale
Theater of operationsStonetalon Mountains

The Bloodfuries are a group of red-white-plumaged harpies found residing in the Charred Vale in the Stonetalon Mountains. They have encroached in that zone and refuse the druids passage within to begin regrowth.[1]

They are the source of the increasing number of harpies in Kalimdor; they encroach upon all likes of life preventing the innocent from leaving their boundaries.[2]

Their leader, all but a queen to them, can be found along the western hill line in the Charred Vale.[3]

Known membersEdit

Neutral 15IconSmall Harpy Bloodfury Ripper Leader, ripper Killable Charred Vale, Stonetalon Mountains
Neutral 15IconSmall Harpy Riven Sister Killable Charred Vale, Stonetalon Mountains



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