Blood Elf Surveyor

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CombatMob 32Blood Elf Surveyor
Blood Elf Surveyor
Race Blood elf (Humanoid)
Level 51-52
Health 2400
Mana 1864-1923
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Thalassian Base Camp
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Blood Elf Surveyors are found at the Thalassian Base Camp in Azshara. They are servitors of Magister Hawkhelm and Magus Rimtori, and have betrayed their Horde entourage.

Abilities Edit

  • Fire Nova: Spell fire sealoffire 2 sec cast. Deals fire damage to enemies within 10 yards of the mob.

Quests Edit

IconSmall Orc MaleOfficial horde mini-icon Ag'tor Bloodfist at Valormok in Azshara wants you to kill 10 Blood Elf Surveyors as part of the quest Official horde mini-icon [56] Betrayed.

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