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Blizzard Gear (in Beta as of February 2014) is the US-based (prices are in USD) return of the former "Blizzard Store" on the web and is intended for physical goods purchases as opposed to virtual ones featured in the Shop. They have a variety of merchandise available, including Apparel, Plush, Toys, Statues, Peripherals and more. It is not clear what plans Blizzard has for the EU, however customers can purchase physical goods from the US store which offers world-wide shipping.

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At some point in 2017 (presumably), the URL redirected to for browsing with a corresponding that does not return a 404 error, but does give the ominous message: "There was no Home CMS page configured or found." This could indicate that Blizzard plans to make the gear store work in the EU, but is still working on it.

Not soon; getting worse Edit

As of May 21, 2018, the page gives an even worse error:

Error 403 Access Denied

Access Denied

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Details: cache-lax8621-LAX 1526932892 4244603238

Varnish cache server

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