Blindeye the Guardian is an old ettin allied with the Twilight's Hammer clan. He can be found guarding the Altar of Ascension[40, 84]
within the Twilight Highlands with his elementium axe. Players are asked to retreive the axe, as it is the only thing sharp enough to sever the bonds holding Lirastrasza captive.

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Item Source Use
Inv misc emberweaveclothbolt 01 [Embersilk Cloth] Drop IconSmall Tailoring [Tailoring]
IconSmall First Aid [First Aid]
IconSmall Engineering [Engineering]
Inv box 04 [Flame-Scarred Junkbox] [Pick Pocket] To open
Inv potion 24 [Rogue's Draught] [Pick Pocket] IconSmall Rogue Rogue consumable

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