Blazing Fireguard can be found in Blackrock Depths.

Drops Edit

Battlemastergossipicon Level Type Slot Drop %
Inv ammo firetar [Burning Pitch] 1 Junk 37.29%
Inv misc gem variety 02 [Core of Elements] 1 Junk 36.16%
Inv enchant dustsoul [Dark Iron Residue] 1 Junk 20.67%
Inv ore tin 01 [Coal] 30 Trade Good 18.54%
Inv misc armorkit 20 [Dark Iron Scraps] 1 Junk 16.56%
Spell fire fire [Elemental Fire] 25 Reagent 5.41%
Spell fire lavaspawn [Heart of Fire] 45 Reagent 5.40%
Inv misc gem 01 [Black Diamond] 0 Junk 3.07%
Inv misc note 05 [A Crumpled Up Note] 50(50) Quest 0.20%

0.01% Chance of an epic drop.
0.07% Chance of a rare drop.
0.76% Chance of an Uncommon drop.
0.04% Chance of a common drop.
Note: % drop chance was correct at the time the page was generated/created. This will not be updated.

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