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Blade of Wizardry is an epic main hand sword. It gives a bonus to spell power and occasionally increases haste rating for 6 seconds. It has a natural orange weapon glow. Additional enchantment effects do not change the appearance of this weapon.


This item is a world drop.


This item has a huge amount of +damage. The most interesting feature is the chance, about 15%, to increase the spell haste rating for 6 seconds. This is the ideal weapon for casters, notably mages. When this item procs the buff is called "Forgotten Knowledge".

Blade of Wizardry TCG

"Give yourself to the flame of this blade, and your enemies will be consumed by its power." - Vor'na the Disciplined

Examples of this weapon's proc: A 1.5 second cast scorch becomes 1.32 seconds and a 3.0 second cast fireball becomes 2.65 seconds. When combined with the troll berserking racial abiltiy at 30% health, a 1.5 second cast scorch becomes a 0.9 second cast and a 3.0 second cast fireball becomes 1.85 second cast.

NOTE: this information is most likely incorrect as of patch 2.2.0.

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