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Weaponsmith Blacksmithing Recipes
!Skill Item Category Ingredients Source
235 [The Shatterer] Main-hand Mace 24 Mithril Bar
6 Truesilver Bar
4 Core of Earth
5 Citrine
5 Jade
4 Solid Grinding Stone
4 Thick Leather
245 [Phantom Blade] 1-hand Sword 28 Mithril Bar
8 Truesilver Bar
6 Breath of Wind
2 Lesser Invisibility Potion
6 Aquamarine
4 Solid Grinding Stone
2 Thick Leather
250 [Blight (Polearm)] Polearm 28 Mithril Bar
10 Truesilver Bar
10 Ichor of Undeath
6 Solid Grinding Stone
6 Thick Leather
260 [Truesilver Champion] 2-hand Sword 30 Mithril Bar
16 Truesilver Bar
6 Star Ruby
4 Breath of Wind
8 Solid Grinding Stone
6 Thick Leather
265 [Dark Iron Pulverizer] 2-hand Mace 18 Dark Iron Bar
4 Heart of Fire
275 [Dark Iron Sunderer] 2-hand Axe 26 Dark Iron Bar
4 Heart of Fire
300 [Black Amnesty] Dagger 12 Arcanite Bar
4 Dark Iron Bar
6 Fiery Core
3 Lava Core
1 Blood of the Mountain
300 [Blackfury] Polearm 16 Arcanite Bar
6 Dark Iron Bar
2 Fiery Core
5 Lava Core
300 [Heartseeker] Dagger 10 Arcanite Bar
10 Enchanted Thorium Bar
2 Enchanted Leather
6 Star Ruby
6 Azerothian Diamond
6 Large Opal
4 Dense Grinding Stone

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