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Axesmith Blacksmithing Recipes
Required (Yellow, Gray) Item Ingredients Source
275 (300, 325) [Dawn's Edge] 30 [Thorium Bar]
4 [Enchanted Thorium Bar]
4 [Star Ruby]
4 [Blue Sapphire]
2 [Dense Grinding Stone]
4 [Rugged Leather]
300 (320, 340) [Annihilator] 40 [Thorium Bar]
12 [Arcanite Bar]
10 [Essence of Undeath]
8 [Huge Emerald]
2 [Dense Grinding Stone]
4 [Enchanted Leather]
300 (320, 340) [Arcanite Reaper] 20 [Arcanite Bar]
2 [Dense Grinding Stone]
6 [Enchanted Leather]
300 (320, 340) [Dark Iron Destroyer] 18 [Dark Iron Bar]
12 [Lava Core]
2 [Blood of the Mountain]
2 [Enchanted Leather]
300 (320, 340) [Nightfall (Axe)] 12 [Dark Iron Bar]
10 [Arcanite Bar]
8 [Lava Core]
5 [Fiery Core]
4 [Huge Emerald]

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