Blackrock Invasion

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Alliance 32 Blackrock Invasion
StartMarshal McBride
EndMarshal McBride
Requires Level 1
CategoryElwynn Forest
Experience445 XP
or 2Silver67Copper at Level 100
Reputation250 Stormwind

Objectives Edit

Recover 8 Blackrock Orc Weapons.


The orcs have begun burning down the forest, <name>! They have taken over the vineyard to the east and are planning their final assault against us! They must be stopped!

Head east, across the river, and kill the rampaging Blackrock orcs. Collect their weapons as proof of their demise and return to me.

You're our only hope, <name>!


The Blackrock orcs will surely fall now that their main force has been defeated! Only one task remains.


Quest progressionEdit

1. Beating them Back!
2. Lions for Lambs
3. Consecrated Letter
4. The Power of the Light
5. Join the Battle!
6. They Sent Assassins
7. The Rear is Clear
8. Blackrock Invasion
9. Ending the Invasion!
10 Report to Goldshire

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Quest level4 +
Quest nameBlackrock Invasion +

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