Blackrock Invader

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CombatMob 32Blackrock Invader
Race Orc (Humanoid)
Level 3-4
Affiliation Blackrock Clan
Location Northshire Vineyards, Elwynn Forest
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Blackrock Invaders are part of the Blackrock Clan's invading force on Northshire Valley. They are usually the first aggressive enemy a beginning human will face. They are fairly weak, but will attack if you get too close. They have settled in the lands beyond the stream that flows through Northshire Abbey, and have scorched the land with fire and destroyed every living thing in the small area of land they dwell. Their desire is to slay all humans in Northshire Abbey, and then continue their invasion to the rest of Elwynn Forests. The humans want them out, and kill as many as they can.



  • Orc KILL human!
  • Eat you!
  • Blackrock take forest!
  • The grapes were VERY TASTY!
  • Beg for life!

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