Blackhoof Village

Blackhoof Village

Blackhoof Village is a Grimtotem clan village located in the northern part of the Dustwallow Marsh. The outpost holds captured Theramore guards just waiting for a friendly face, as well as containing the secret of who burned down Shady Rest Inn.


  • It was added in patch 2.3 for more choices to quest in than just STV at that level.
  • Even though the village did not exist prior to patch 2.3, lore revealed in quests show that the Grimtotems have been there since before the Shady Rest Inn burned down. Shady Rest Inn has been in ruins since the launch of the game.
  • It is also revealed, through the quest The Apothecary's Letter obtained by killing the Forsaken NPC there, that the Forsaken are assisting the Grimtotems — who themselves have been acting against the other tauren and the Horde.

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