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|quality= Rare
|name= Bipsi's Bobbing Berg
|bind= BoP
|skill= Requires Fishing (525)
|rfaction= The Anglers|rep= Revered
|effect= Use: You can raft across water on a conjured sheet of ice.
|flavor= Save a tree, conjure a raft!
|ilvl= 1
|vendor= {{Cost|1000||}}
|id= 107950
This item is effectively '''{{class|Mage||mage}} only''', as is [[BoP]] and only purchasable by mages. See {{loot|rare|Anglers Fishing Raft}} for regular version.
This is item sold by vendor [[Nat Pagle]].
Can cause fall damage, even into water as the mechanics are similar to [[Elixir of Water Walking]]. Also works like a [[vehicle]] or [[boat]], where other items, like [[Campfire]]s and [[Fishing Chair]]s can be deployed on top. Both items have no [[Cool Down]], which makes them easy to [[macro]].
== Patch changes ==
* {{Patch 5.4.2|note=Added.}}
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