Billy is a human boy who hangs around the Stormwind City canals with Adam and tells fish stories.


Randomly says one of the following:

  • Billy says: I heard that there are these huge fish that can walk on land to hunt, and eat people!
  • Billy says: My daddy says that in the ocean, there are fish so big they could swallow a whole ship.
  • Billy says: I heard a story about this golden fish, and if you caught it you would get three wishes!
  • Billy says: And one time, at camp, I caught a fish that was bigger than I am!!
  • Billy says: I caught a big one last week, it had three eyes!
  • Billy says: My daddy can catch more fish than your dady!
  • Billy says: Look! Look! I caught something!'s just a stinky ol' boot.
  • Billy says: Think there are any fish in here?
  • Billy says: C'mon, let's try somewhere else.

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