Rank tableEdit

Rank Movement speed increase
1 30%


  • In PvP this talent can greatly increase a pet's chance of running down an enemy that is attempting to escape if Dash is on cooldown or your pet lacks that skill all together.
  • Excellent skill for aiding allies in PvP or a Instance where you can quickly send your pet over to assist them.
  • It's one talent point, it wouldn't hurt any build to reduce time between your pet running to it doing damage.
  • In Arena should an enemy attempt to escape, this ability can allow them to be run down and stunned by Intimidation if you are specced correctly.


  • This buff only works outside, and will at times not function when leaving indoors locations.
  • If you are lagging badly due to poor connection, your pet will seem to not receive this benefit at all.
  • Does not stack with any other speed increasing effects.


  • Bestial Swiftness does not stack with Dash or Dive.

Patch changes Edit

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