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Berserker Charge
  • Berserker Charge
  • 40 yds.  range
  • Instant cast
  • Charges an an enemy, knocking it back and inflicting normal damage plus 300.
Usable by
CooldownNone/Global Cooldown
Related buff
  • Buff Name (OPTIONAL)
  • In-game text from the buff tooltip
  • Duration: x sec/min/hours seconds (duration, including units)
For the company, please see Blizzard Entertainment.
A well-timed blink can be the difference between a good story and a tearful eulogy.

Berserker Charge is cast by Attumen the Huntsman. He charges a random target in range, inflicts damage, knocks down the victim, and returns to the tank.

Notes Edit

This ability has a minimum range of eight yards. Even hunters have a minimum range of only six yards on their shots. Everyone can move close to Attumen to avoid this entirely.

The ability frequently does only a small amount of damage. This may be related to Attumen being disarmed or having his own curse reflected onto himself.

Tips and tactics Edit

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