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m (clean up, Replaced: {{tooltip → {{{{{tpl|tooltip}}}, using AWB)
m (adding ID to infobox, replaced: <onlyinclude>{{{{{tpl|tooltip}}} |mode={{{mode|}}} |arg={{{arg|}}} |icon=INV_Belt_03 |name=Belt of the Silent Path |quality=Epic |bind=BoP |type=Leather |slot=Waist |armor=249 |attrib=+34 Agility<br/>+33 Stamina |so...)
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|name=Belt of the Silent Path
|name=Belt of the Silent Path|id=34929

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Inv belt 03


Sold by Smith Hauthaa at the Sun's Reach Armory of the Isle of Quel'Danas for 75 Badge of justice

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Added in Patch 2.4.

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