Beaten Corpse is a quest target located south of the Crossroads in the Horde-aligned zone of the Barrens. This dead body is actually Mankrik's wife, Olgra, and is found just south of Lushwater Oasis, next to her and her husband's ruined huts beyond the bridge on the main road.

It helps complete the following quest:

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The body is that of a female orc warrior.
It is clear that she died in battle, probably against the quilboar in the area.

Gossipgossipicon I inspect the body further.

You turn the body over and see the marks from blades and spells upon the deceased orc -- her armor all but destroyed, her hair matted to her face.
Based on Mankrik's description of her, there is no doubt in your mind that this was his wife.
He will be upset by the news, but you are sure he should know the truth.

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