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This collection is intended for level 80 Ui-charactercreate-classes hunter Hunters and Spell nature lightningshield Enhancement Ui-charactercreate-classes shaman Shaman who where auto-leveled to 80 via a Scroll of Resurrection.

Name Item level Req. Level Slot Type
[Beastsoul Cloak of Rage] 232 80 Back Cloak
[Beastsoul Vest] 232 80 Chest Mail Armor
[Beastsoul Greaves] 232 80 Feet Mail Armor
[Beastsoul Band of Onslaught] 232 80 Finger Ring
[Beastsoul Ring of Onslaught] 232 80 Finger Ring
[Beastsoul Gauntlets] 232 80 Hands Mail Armor
[Beastsoul Helm] 232 80 Head Mail Armor
[Beastsoul Legguards] 232 80 Legs Mail Armor
[Beastsoul Choker] 232 80 Neck Amulet
[Beastsoul Rifle] 232 80 Ranged Gun
[Beastsoul Spaulders] 232 80 Shoulder Mail Armor
[Beastsoul Idol of Rage] 232 80 Trinket Trinket
[Beastsoul Stone of Rage] 232 80 Trinket Trinket
[Beastsoul Spear] 232 80 Two-Hand Polearm
[Beastsoul Belt] 232 80 Waist Mail Armor
[Beastsoul Bracers] 232 80 Wrist Mail Armor

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