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The Retaliation Battlegroup was created on June 19, 2007, as a result of a merger between the Cataclysm and Frenzy Battlegroups.

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Milestones & Important Dates  

18 Nov 2008 → Dawnbringer is opened as a new server, added to Retaliation. Dawnbringer is the target (including others) of free transfers off of high population servers for approximately a week.
28 Oct 2008 → Terokkar becomes the target of free server transfers off other high population servers until Nov 04, 2008. These servers included Area 52, Zul'jin, Medivh, Thrall, and Doomhammer.
30 Jun 2008 → Horde 15 Sunwell Plateau Cleared → Vicarious of Area 52 - (Battlegroup first)
01 Oct 2007 → Horde 15 Black Temple Cleared → Vicarious of Area 52 - (Battlegroup first)
31 Jan 2008 → Ghostlands PvE server opens for free transfers and joins Retaliation
20 Jun 2007 → Arena Season Two Begins
19 Jun 2007 → Cataclysm and Frenzy merged to form Retaliation Battlegroup

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