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On May 27, 2009, Battlegroup EN Nightfall joined the new cross-language battlegroup of Cruelty/Crueldad EU with Crueldad ES being the other half of this new group.

Community Information Edit

The battlegroup was on the whole a level playing ground with only 1-4 guilds on each server raiding end game Black Temple and having credited Illidan kills. Although with the addition of the Molten Core server PvP both in the form of Arena and Battlegrounds have become an area of great dispute. The original inhabitants all talking about when "Molten Core weren't here" and a select few leaving the battlegroup altogether.

Blizzard in their wonderous wisdom decided to add a realm with almost 20 guilds having credited Illidan kills to a battlegroup where someone wielding a Warglaive is somewhat of a legend. I too being a resident on the Alonsus Realm within this Battlegroup must admit this place was a much more pleasant place to be before both arena and battlegrounds were subjected to Molten Cores' trademark overpowered gear (for their rating) and creative glitching that we are subjected to whenever we set foot onto the PvP joke that has become of the once fun BG and Arena Scene.

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