Support for the Dial-in Authenticator will end August 15th, 2012![1]

The Dial-in Authenticator[2] is an optional tool that provides an additional layer of security against unauthorized account access. The Dial-in Authenticator is not a physical token or application run on a mobile device, however. Instead, it is a free opt-in service that will actively monitor an account and request additional authorization from the user when a potentially unauthorized login attempt occurs.

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Security Update: Dial-In Authenticators | 2012-07-31 01:00 | Crithto
Please note that we have removed the Dial-in Authenticator from our security options. If you’re currently using the Dial-in Authenticator, it will continue to work normally until August 15, 2012, at which point we’ll be removing it from any accounts that have it attached.

If you’re not already taking advantage of one of the security measures listed below, we strongly encourage you to select the option most convenient to you:

We also offer SMS Protect, which can be used alone or stacked with one of the options above for an even greater level of protection.

If you’re currently using the Dial-in Authenticator and want to add any of these security options before August 15, you’ll first need to remove the Dial-In Authenticator from your account by following the instructions listed here.

We’re fully committed to account security, but please keep in mind that it’s ultimately a team effort. While making use of the available security options can go a long way in helping to protect your characters and items, it’s also important to be aware of the other things you can do to help ensure your account is as secure as possible. Review our Account and Computer Security article for more information on email security, web browsing safety, critical software updates, and more.

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