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Instance portal greenBastion of Twilight
Bastion of Twilight loading screen
LocationTwilight Citadel, Twilight Highlands [34, 78]
End bossCho'gall, Sinestra (Heroic Mode)
Raid info
Advised level85
Player limit10/25
Other raids
Baradin Hold 10/25 85 Loot
Bastion of Twilight10/2585Loot
Throne of the Four Winds10/2585Loot
Blackwing Descent10/2585Loot
Dragon Soul10/2585Loot

Bastion of Twilight is an entry-level raid instance introduced in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. It features five bosses plus one optional heroic boss.[1][2]

The Bastion of Twilight, along with Throne of the Four Winds and Blackwing Descent, is meant to be the "Naxxramas" of Cataclysm: an entry level raiding.[1][2][3]

The instance entrance is located on top of the Twilight Citadel spire at [34, 78] in southwestern Twilight Highlands overlooking Loch Modan.

History Edit

The Bastion itself seems to be located largely underground, as no windows or something similar is visible and the only part not built by the Twilight's Hammer appears to be the large lava sea Halfus Wyrmbreaker is watching over. If this is true, it may also be the reason how the Twilight's Hammer Cult could grow to powerful over the last years without any of the great forces of Azeroth noticing.


Upon defeating Cho'gall on heroic mode, the floor beneath players will collapse and they will fall into a cavern of flowing lava and "a very large number of black [sic] dragon eggs" that hides a "horrifying secret".[1][2][4][5]




Bastion of Twilight Teaser HD - World of Warcraft Cataclysm02:24

Bastion of Twilight Teaser HD - World of Warcraft Cataclysm


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