Bart Tidewater commanded the ship Maiden's Virtue which seemed to be forever getting supplies at Menethil Harbor before setting out to sea.

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  • Bart Tidewater says: 'Tis a tragedy, boys. The curse of Menethil be on us all.
  • Red Jack Flint says: Cap'n, the Virtue hasn't set sail in years. It was just sittin' there.
  • Bart Tidewater says: Aye, and a damn fine job she did of it! But not as good as the Admiral.
  • Bart Tidewater
  • Bart Tidewater says: Nobody could hold a place like him, lads. Nobody.
  • Red Jack Flint says: We know, cap'n. We know.

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  • The "Admiral" spoken of to Red Jack Flint may be a mis-promoted Captain Placeholder who used to stand on the docks in the original World of Warcraft beta before boats were implemented.

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