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*{{loot|poor|Silver Hook}}
*{{loot|poor|Silver Hook}}
*{{loot|poor|Goldenscale Vendorfish}}
*{{loot|poor|Goldenscale Vendorfish}}
*{{loot|poor|Ruined Fishing Net}}
*{{loot|common|Bright Baubles}}
*{{loot|common|Bright Baubles}}

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A Barrel of Fish is one of the selectable rewards from the daily cooking quests.


The daily cooking quests begin with The Rokk in the Lower City in Shattrath. To complete the quests, you must have at least 275 cooking.

Two of the quests also require a flying mount.


Random fish.

Might include one of the following recipes:

Average Drop Rates
Item [Barrel of Fish] [Crate of Meat]
[Recipe: Spicy Hot Talbuk] 18.1%
[Recipe: Broiled Bloodfin] 14.8%
[Recipe: Skullfish Soup] 13.9%
[Recipe: Kibler's Bits] 5.2% 7.4%
[Recipe: Stormchops] 3.5% 3.4%
[Recipe: Delicious Chocolate Cake] 2.3% 2.8%
[Recipe: Captain Rumsey's Lager]

May also include:

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