Barly McFrothbeard is a harsh, proud foul-mouthed dwarf who has been interviewed by the Gnomeregan Gnews Gnetwork twice.[1]


WoW Gameplay Trailer: Nether DrakeEdit

The first time he was being interviewed by Wendy Breezy, P. Diddimus, and Strombone on nether drakes during the interview he flew a nether drake called "Spanky" and assaulted P. Diddimus.

News From Outland: Crisis at Da Portal!Edit

In the second interview he was talking to Mar'Lee and N. Kagnito about the Burning Legion invasion. He was confident that the demons were evil and that they should be sent back to Outland, but he argued with N. Kagnito as he disagreed by saying that the demons weren't bad guys. He said that the demonic enegry corrupts and Kagnito made the mistake of saying that he used it everyday, because Barley noticed his glowing-red eyes and horns. Barley shoots N. Kagnito but almost hit Mar'Lee by mistake, he misses the shot and then comically appeared in Shadowmoon Valley and persued Kagnito. The video is then cut out by Mar'Lee.[1]

Twas the Night Before Winter VeilEdit

He was also included in the 2006 Audio Skit "Twas the Night Before Winter Veil," where he was the final person auditioning for the narration role (the director introduced him as "Mr. McFrothbeard"). However, upon given the cue to start, he simply belched and passed out. He did speak the final line in the actual reciting of the poem, but passed out before he could finish the final word.

Quotes Edit

For quotes and transcript of the video News From Outland: Crisis at Da Portal!, see Gnomeregan Gnews Gnetwork#News From Outland.

References Edit

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