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Barbershop interface

In every barbershop, there exists one to three barbershop chairs. Sitting in one will activate the barbershop interface in which for a small fee the player can choose a new look for themselves.

The two main options available to all races and genders (for tauren it's horns):

  • Hair (Horn) Style
  • Hair (Horn) Color

And the third option which depends on your race and/or gender:

  • Facial Hair IconSmall Human MaleIconSmall Dwarf MaleIconSmall Gnome MaleIconSmall Night Elf MaleIconSmall Orc MaleIconSmall Tauren MaleIconSmall Blood Elf Male
  • Facial Markings IconSmall Night Elf Female
  • Horn Style IconSmall Tauren Female
  • Horns IconSmall Draenei Female
  • Piercings IconSmall Human FemaleIconSmall Dwarf FemaleIconSmall Gnome FemaleIconSmall Orc FemaleIconSmall Blood Elf Female
  • Tendrils IconSmall Draenei Male
  • Tusks IconSmall Troll MaleIconSmall Troll Female
  • Features IconSmall Undead MaleIconSmall Undead Female

A fourth option, Skin Color, is availabe for Taurens.


Human Haircolors

Human Male Hairstyles

From left to right: Fabulous, Samson, Prince, Spikes, Swept, Scholar, Rogue, Courtier, Loose, Dashing, Barbarian, Monk, Soldier, Peasant, Bald, Slicked, Foxtail

Male facial hair
Human Male Facial Hair

From left to right: Goatee, Van Dyke, Wizard, Bearded, Chops, Duelist, Colonel, Mustachioed, Clean

Female hair styles
Human Female Hairstyles

From left to right: Tomboy, Flipped, Parted Long, Full, Bangs, Loose, Straight, Simple, Raquel, Curled, Styled, Slicked, Soaked, Rushed, Waved Bob, Parted Short, Waved, Bun, Flirty, Short, Layered, Bobbed, Pony Left, Pony Right

Female pie
Male <third option>

Female hair styles
Female <third option>

Night elvesEdit

Hair colors

NightElf Haircolors

Male hair styles
NightElf Male Hairstyles

From left to right: Mane, Chonmage Braids, Long, Tail, Chonmage Long, Short Tail, Windswept, Short Braided Tail, Wild, Braided Tail, Mohawk, Long Braided Tail

Male facial hair
NightElf Male Facialfeatures

From left to right: Clean, Groomed, Bearded, Mustachioed, Chops, Goatee

Female hair styles
NightElf Female Hairstyles

From left to right: Long, Loose Tail, Short, High Tail, Braided Tails, Short Tail, Braided Tail, Hairband, Soaked, Tomboy, Gathered, Looped

Female facial markings
NightElf Female Facialfeatures

From left to right: No Tattoo, Bear, Blades, Crane, Leaf, Claws, Wings, Serpent, Owl, Shadow


Male hair styles
Gnome male hairstyles

Top row: Bald, Wings, Groomed, Cowlicked
Middle row: Styled, Balding, Combover, Windswept
Bottom row: Shaggy, Mohawk, Loose, Wild

Male facial hair styles
Gnome male facial hairstyles

Top row: Clean, Goatee, Chops, Waxed
Bottom row: Bearded, Handlebars, Styled, Mustachioed

Female hair styles
Gnome female hairstyles

Top row: Bobbed, Short, Cute, Tail
Middle row: Looped, Tied, Tower, Sprouts
Bottom row: Boar Tails, Parted, Soaked, Braided Buns

Female earrings
Gnome female earrings

Top row: Unpierced, Earrings, Small Earrings, Upper Earrings
Bottom row: Full Earrings, Left Earring, Right Earring


Male hair styles
Hairstyles fullsize

Top Row: Backspike, Bald, Beaded Braid, Braids, and Emo.
Middle Row: Foxtail, Horned Foxtail, Horned, Long, and Looped Tail.
Bottom Row: Spiked Tail, Spiked, Swept, and Topknot.

Male facial hair and tendrils
Male draenei facialstyles fullsize

Top Row: Burns, Chops, Goatee, and Mustachioed.
Bottom Row: Soul Patch, Splayed Tendrils, and Twin Tendrils.

Female hair styles
Draenei female hair

Top row: Hairband, Trouble, Shy, High Tail, Soaked
Second row: Straight, Flipped, Cute, Feathered, Buns
Third row:Jeweled Band, Bangs, Elegant, Bounce, Nape
Bottom row: Sassy

Female horns
Draenei female horns

Top row: Arced, Curled, Sweeping, Short
Bottom row: Grand, Spread, High



Male hair styles
Male <third option>

Female hair styles
Female <third option>


Male hair styles
Troll hair styles

Top Row: Bald, Braids, Crest, Mohawk, Plume.
Bottom Row: Receding, Scruffy, Tail, Topknot, Windswept.

Male tusks and warpaint
Troll tusk styles

Top Row: Bridle, Painted Bridle, Gougers, Warpaint Gougers.
Middle Row: Tusked, Tusked Mask, Upturned, Painted Upturned.
Bottom Row: Mammoth, Spotted Mammoth, Striped Mammoth.

Female hair styles
Female <third option>


Male horn styles
Tauren horn styles

Top Row: Broken, Buffalo, Bull, Capped, Charger.
Middle Row: Curled, Gorefest, Longhorn, Lyre, Ringed.
Bottom Row: Snapped, Tiny, Tipped.

Male facial hair
Tauren facial hair

Top Row: Clean, Bearded, Ringed.
Bottom Row: Braid, Double Braids, Ringed & Braided, Triple Braids.

Female hair styles
Tauren Female Hair

Styles: Tufts, Tails, Braids, Maned

Female horns
Tauren Female Horns

Top Row: Long, Low, Horned, Stubs
Middle Row: Close, Gougers, Snapped, Chargers
Bottom Row: Buffalo, Wide, Small, Upturned


Male hair styles
Male <third option>

Female hair styles
Female <third option>

Blood elvesEdit

Male hair styles

1st Row: Flipped, Swept, Falcon, Foxtail
2nd row: Parted Long, Spiked, Long Bangs, Feathered Part
3rd row: Slicked, Headband, Topknot, Chonmage Braids
4th row: Mane, Tail, Chonmage Long, Windswept

Male facial hair

1st Row: Clean, Point, Soul Patch, Spike, Pointed Chin
2nd row: Cropped Chin, Soul Strip, Dagger, Goatee, Styled Chin

Female hair styles
Female <third option>

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