For the plague eruptor, see Bane (mob).

Bane is a warlock talent which reduces the casting time of key damage spells in the Destruction tree: Immolate, Shadow Bolt, Chaos Bolt and Soul Fire.

Rank SB/CB/Imm reduction Soul Fire reduction
1 0.1 0.4
2 0.2 0.8
3 0.3 1.2
4 0.4 1.6
5 0.5 2.0

Notes Edit

At rank 5, Immolate's cast time will be 1.5 sec, Chaos Bolt will be 2 sec, most ranks of Shadow Bolt will be 2.5 sec, and Soul Fire will be 4 sec.

This talent is a nice boost to Immolate and Chaos Bolt, but has a much greater effect on Shadow Bolt. It works out to slightly more than 20% increase in DPS when spamming Shadow Bolts.

Patch changesEdit

  • WoW Icon 16x16 Patch 1.8.0 (10-Oct-2005): Now reduces casting time of the Soul Fire spell in addition to Immolate and Shadow Bolt.

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